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Find the Right Fit for Your Program

Dive into an expansive database that ensures you have access to a diverse pool of talent, ready to seize the opportunities your organization offers.

  • Explore our extensive network of over 600,000 artists and counting.
  • Continuously expanding database ensures access to a diverse talent pool.


Filtered Views and Custom Tags

Tailor your search with precision using our filtered views and custom tagging system. Effortlessly narrow down your options to target specific demographics and disciplines, ensuring that every engagement aligns seamlessly with your organization's needs.

  • Utilize filtered views to precisely target demographics and disciplines.
  • Filter by interests such as music, theatre, dance, visual arts, etc. 
  • Attach custom tags to streamline the recruitment process for maximum efficiency.

Advanced features

Tools for Discovering the Right Talent

  • Refine your target audience further with advanced match logic.
  • Specify criteria such as age, location, and artistic interests.
  • Pinpoint the ideal candidates for your programs.
  • Identify new prospects with intuitive sorting and search functionalities.
  • Create & automate templated messages. 
  • Send up to 100 messages per day.
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